Collection Guidance

I'm here to make sure your collection is as safe and easy as possible.

Finding Ooh Cake

  • You will have received a communication with your collection time. Please double check that this time is ok for you and reply to confirm.

  • Please arrive on time. It may be that I have deliveries to do so may not be able to wait if you are late.

  • My address is: 31, Dunlin Drive, St. Mary's Island, ME4 3JA. You can also find Ooh Cake on Google Maps by clicking here.

  • As you arrive at the end of Dunlin Drive, you will see the river ahead of you, and Number 29 to your left. Turn left into the long carpark. We are the block of flats at the end of the carpark.​ 

  • Please come to the final door. The pin on Google Maps shows you exactly where. Please be aware that this is a resident carpark. It is very quiet, but do be cautious of moving vehicles.

  • If you can't find me, give me a call on 07891792186 and I'll do my best to direct you!

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  • When you arrive, you can either buzz number 31, or text me on 07891792186 to let me know you are outside.

  • Please wait on the pathway.

  • I will bring your bake out for you.

  • Please do give your bake a check-over to make sure you're happy with it. Although, I'm sure you will be! Once you've taken it away I can't make any changes to the aesthetics.

Transporting Your Bake

Bakes should be transported with care to ensure they arrive as they were intended.

Once your bake leaves Ooh Cake, I can take no further responsibility for its care so I've given you the below tips:

  • Hold the box underneath, ideally with two hands. Please don't hold it at the sides as this can squash the sides of the box into the bake.

  • Avoid placing bakes on car seats, as the seats are not level, and the bake can tip or slide (yes, even if you strap it in).

  • The best place to transport your cake is in the boot because it is a flat and even surface. Ensure nothing will slide onto the bake. I can provide non-slip mat for underneath the bake on request.

  • Alternatively, put the bake in the passenger seat footwell. Again, let me know if you would like some non-slip matting.

  • Please drive carefully, going slower over bumps and round corners, and avoiding sudden braking or acceleration.

Covid-19 Safety​

  • Now that more people are vaccinated, I no longer require you to wear a mask, however will not be offended if you choose to!

  • If you would prefer me to place the bake directly into your boot rather than handing over to you, please do let me know.

  • Please arrive within the agreed collection window. This facilitates social distancing between yourselves and other customers.

  • There may be other members of the public in the area while you are waiting. Please maintain a safe distance at all times.

  • I cannot ensure the call pad for our building is sanitised between each use, so it is at your discretion if you choose to buzz the flat or text me on arrival.