Ooh Cake Ingredients



My caramel is home-made, from a base of butter, brown sugar and condensed milk.

I've added all sorts of flavours to my caramel, such as the classic salt, orange zest, even peanut butter! The possibilities are endless.

My Chocolate Orange Millionaire's Shortbread, filled with zesty orange caramel, is a particular favourite.



I use 50% sodium salt in all bakes.

My partner Sacha has a health-condition that means she needs to follow a low-sodium diet. So I built this into my bakes.

I've found it reacts the same as regular salt in the bakes and provides a lovely flavour, with the added perk of being low in sodium.



I have to say that butter is one of my favourite foods. Lavishly spread on freshly home-baked bread? Yes, please!

I have tried and tested several butters to find the one that gives my bakes the best texture, colour and flavour. I love Lurpak, and use that in every bake. It can really be tasted in my all-butter shortbread, and gives my dark Belgian chocolate brownies a luxuriously fudgey texture.

Eggs on Table


I only use Free-Range eggs, that I buy fresh for every bake.

I find that using fresh eggs in every bake gives much more consistency and the best possible texture and flavour.

Pieces of Chocolate


I use high quality Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate in all bakes (unless a specific chocolate brand is requested by our customers - some of you just love your Cadbury's!).

I use a brand called Callebaut. It is very popular amongst bakers and confectioners due to its exceptional flavour. And is made using the finest ingredients and 100% sustainable cocoa.

They also do a dark chocolate that is dairy free, which is really useful.



I use vanilla bean paste made from Madagascan vanilla.

Vanilla fruit grown in Madagascar is considered to be the gold standard of vanilla, due to the climate and growing methods used in the region.

For you, it is sweeter and creamier, and adds a specific flavour.

I use Madagascan vanilla bean paste in almost every recipe to bring out the other flavours, even in my moist Belgian chocolate sponge.

(I also like a bit in my coffee!).

Looking for more information about the ingredients in my standard recipes, and the allergens I bake with?